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Post  Admin on Mon 7 Jan - 0:09:01

Fellow members

I will not beat around the bush.
Rumours have already started as to my true identity and my motives for starting the sbc forum.

Although I do understand why my identity and motives had been questioned. I hope to finally put to rest any doubt and sincerely hope we can all get along with one another.
Chuck is my middle name and what I prefer to be known as. Henry is my birth name, now can you imagine being in an all male work environment and being called Henry? No thanks!

So please guys, chuck it is.

Why another Ned forum? Why not?
Ok enough of the jokes.

The Stringybark Creek incident is historically important part of the Kelly story and therefore should be told. The research from where I stand is of extreme importance, both the csi@sbc and Bill Denheld have contributed considerably in the quest for locating the “TRUE SITE” of the police camp.
The sole purpose of the sbc forum is to discuss in an orderly fashion the following:

1. The events leading to the police ambush
2. The location of the police camp–what is accepted
3. The evidence thus far collected to collaborate the above
4. Last but not least a healthy debate on all things SBC

I will be maintaining a strict forum. I have also set high standards for the forum, as it is my hope that it will become a pleasant arena for schools and Kelly scholars alike.

On that note, let the debate begin.

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